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Daily Weather Report (Issue Date: June 16, 2021)

Weather Forecast
For the next day; the wet weather activities will increasing over western half, southern high grounds, central and eastern parts of the country. In association to this most places of western Oromia, western Ahmara, B/Gumuz, Gambella and SNNPR will receive from scattered to fairly wide spread rain showers. In addition southern high ground and central Oromia, western Tigray and central Ahmara will have receive the light rain on their some places. On the other hands, the remaining parts of the country will under domination of dry, sunny and hot weather conditions.
2021-06-15 Weather Summary
The wet weather activities were continued in more or less over Western, Southern high ground, Central and eastern parts of the country. In association with this, most places of western, central and southern high grounds Oromia, central Ahmara, Somali and SNNPR received from light to moderate rain shower. On the other hands; most parts of the country dominated under mostly sunny, dry and hot weather conditions.
City Forecast

Stations with Extreme Measurements (2021-06-16)
Stations with Maximum Temperature
# Name Daily Maximum Temp
1 Semera 43.2°C
2 Dubti 43.0°C
Stations with Minimum Temperature
# Name Daily Minimum Temp
1 Arsi Robe 6.0°C
2 Wegeltena 7.5°C