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Monthly Climatic Bulletins

Description The National Meteorological Agency disseminates monthly, seasonal and annual climatological bulletins in which all-necessary climatological information and significant climatic anomalies are highlighted.

Climate Bulletin is prepared and disseminated by the National Meteorological Agency (NMA). It is aimed to provide climatological information to different services of the community involved in various socio-economic activities related to planning, disaster mitigation, and water resources management, construction, environmental protection, transportation, recreation, tourism and others will be benefited most by the careful and continuous use of these bulletinvarious socio- economic activities. Moreover, the information contained in this bulletin is not sector-specific and a wide range of users can benefit from it.

June 2021 Cliamte Bulletin
May 2021 monthly climate Bulletin
April 2021 Monthly Climate Bulletin
February 2021 Climate Bulletin
March 2021 Climate Bulletin
January 2021 Climate Bulletin
December 2020 Monthly bulletine
November 2020 climate buletin
Monthly climate bulletin September 2020


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